We mourn the passing of our own DIANE CLARK (July 12, 2005). "Road Runner" was not only an award-winner producer at KING; but went on to learn the craft of Finish Carpentry, and returned to school and became an English as Second Language teacher. We'll all miss her enthusiasm and the smiles she gave each of us.

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What's Happening with our Alumni?
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Jim Bach still produces outstanding work from Bellevue, WA.

Aaaaaaaaandy Barber does mornings, Tulsa, OK.

Buzz Barr living the good life in Aberdeen, WA.

Jim Beaver (Davis) manages public relations for the Evergreen State College, Olympia.

Bob Branom has been a long-time general assignment reporter for KIRO-TV, with a brief intermediate stint as a Belltown restaurateur.

Rob Conrad does mornings, Birmingham, AL.

Joe Cooper's singles from the 60's have been re-released on a "Garage Band" composite CD!

Diane Clark (Road Runner) passed away, July 2005.

Dave Christensen moved on to a technology career (most recently at Microsoft).

Dan Foley is a real estate attorney in California.

James Furrow (Gary West) is a financial consultant in Bellevue, WA.

Bill Gardner does mornings, Phoeniz, AZ.

Bob Glasco (Mike Brody) consults with Rusty Walker Programming (in Arizona).

Phil Harper passed away, October 2004

Ralph Heyward still privately collecting tolls for the 520 bridge, and closes the occasional large client sale for Fisher Communications.

Dana Horner owns & operates stations in Oregon.

Gale Johnson continues his promotions and marketing consultancy, Broadcast Promotions Group.

Joe Kelly does voice-over work and syndicated music production in Racine, WI.

Jim Kime is retired and lives in Dayton, Washington, with his wife
Donna (Talbott).

Harrison Klein markets and manages vacation accommodations in Hawaii from his home on the Big Island.

Steve Lawson working on another "Christmas in the Northwest" tribute project, which will also involve a second television special this coming holiday season.

Gary Lockwood mostly retired (though NEVER from golf) and enjoying Florida life.

"Big" Jim Martin not returning my phone calls (little has changed...!!) from his posh residence in Mukilteo, WA.

Alan Mason is still consulting/programming stations, now based in the Sacramento, CA area.

Dave McGovern works for IBM and lives in Ridgefield, CT.

Eric McKaig is back in Seattle, producing spots for Infinity.

Jim McKenna has been producing television programs, including a long successful run with "Bill Nye the Science Guy".

Bruce Murdock and John Erickson are reunited doing mornings, K103/Portland, OR.

Rick Oldenburg (Donovan) is Director of Development for the Annie Wright School in Tacoma.

Steve Reeder is still active hosting middays at KING-FM.

Cindy Salazar manages marketing for ORRTAX Software.

Ken Sasso (Dan Hemmingway) passed away, 2004.

Rick Scott consults sports-formatted stations from Bellevue, WA.

China Smith passed away in Los Angeles, Monday August 22, 2005.

Jim Tharp is an engineer for Entercom and still lives on Vashon Island.

Al Vanik (Gary Mitchell) has returned to the mainland (Arizona) from Hawaii and now has studios in both locations.

Diane Wagner and Debbie Christensen are still with KING (Television).

Hal Widsten is owner/manager of a station in San Antonio, TX.

 China Smith Passes at 61
Former KING personality China Smith passed away in Los Angeles on Monday, August 22nd, 2005 from a heart attack. China, born Thomas Wayne Rorabacher in Grand Rapids in 1943, was given his radio name at KCBQ, San Diego in 1969. After KING, China went to Los Angeles' AOR KDAY at the request of R&R Founder Bob Wilson, who was running KDAY at the time.

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12/31/1974: Jim Davis & Gary Lockwood (snippets)
1975: Rob Conrad, Dave McGovern
1976: Phil Harper, Gary West

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