Photos from Lan's Memorial Lunch (Seattle)

Like the swallows to Capistrano, media people return to Andy's for food and (mostly) beverage

Dick & Connie Curtis (L), John Maynard, Lee Perkins, Mike Phillips (R)

KING-5 captures the event with Danny Holiday, Pat O'Day reading emails
Frank Thompson, Bob Adkins seated at first table in front

Jim Bach (L), Gary West (seated), Pat Cashman (in back),
Frank Thompson, Larry Lomax (in back), Michael Alhadeff

Bill Taylor, Joe Sabo

Lee Perkins, Mike Phillips, Steve West

Dan Niles

Frank Thompson
Danny Holiday, Pat O'Day

Gary West, Jim Bach, Pat Cashman

Connie Curtis, Red Robinson, Mike Phillips, Doc Harris

Joe Sabo

Doc Harris

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