Presenters from Memorial Lunch
Those who shared comments about Lan from the Lunch, 1/10/2006

Tributes from Lan's Friends
Comments, emails, and postings from industry bulletin boards/BLOG's from Lan's Friends.

KING-TV Covered the Lunch
Special thanks to the KING-TV crew who captured and edited video, which aired the evening of Lan's memorial lunch on KING-TV. CLICK HERE to watch a stream of the news segment.

Aircheck Library
Airchecks submitted from various collections. (Thanks to the contributors)!

Photo Gallery
Photos submitted by Lan's friends or taken from his own web site.

 Photos from Memorial Lunch
Photos from Andy's Diner Lunch 1/10/2006.

Seattle P.I. Obituary
Seattle P.I.'s Bill Virgin, who is one of the few who still covers Seattle radio issues, remembers Lan in this well-written obituary.

North Texas Obituary
Obituary from newspaper that covered Bonham, TX (Lan's home town).

From Lan's Web Site
Elements "borrowed" from Lan's website (

Archived Version of Lan's Web Site
This "snapshot" of Lan's web site was taken at the time of his death. While the original address is no longer in use, Jon Pearkins of Edmonton, AB has created a tribute site, at this address. The Link from the title above jumps directly to the site as it existed at the time of Lan's passing.


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