First "morning" man when KFRC became Drake Station
Program Director, KGW, KFRC, KYUU, K-101
VP/Programming, NBC Radio
P.D. & Architect, K-EARTH
Research Trailblazer (incl. Research Group)
Many many other professional accomplishments ....

But most important: Our FRIEND

We Miss You, Mike....

Seattle Memorial Lunch: Oct 26/2006
Several from the Old Farts Club gathered in Seattle at Andy's Diner to reminisce about Mike and how much we learned from him.

Mike's SEATTLE Friends share thoughts
Comments from Seattle-area friends of Mike.

The Family Memorial: Oct 28th
Narrative recap of the private family gathering in Portland on October 28th.

Memorial Fund/Scholarship in Mike's Name
Here's an opportunity to contribute to a scholarship fund started by Bill Cooper, at the Oregon station where Mike got his "training" ... KBPS.

Visiting Bwana Johnny @ his nursing home
Following Jerry Kaye Wake, October 5, 2005

Shotgun Tom Kelly, Johnny Hayes, Brian Beirne, Mike @ KRTH

When Lan Visited for Jerry Kaye Memorial

Dinner in Issaquah with Dick Curtis, Tom Murphy, Lan Roberts

By the the risk of betraying something that Mike might find embarrassing, the reason Lan was able to join us at this event was because Mike arranged for Lan to be flown from Dallas area to Seattle. Mike wanted no recognition or credit for that gesture. And for many of us, we'll understand it's not a very unique anecdote whatsoever when it comes to Mike's generosity & humility.

 L.A. Radio Content about Mike
Comments printed by Don Barrett in his 10.30.2006 coverage of Mike's Memorial in L.A., 10.17.2006 announcement of the passing of Mike, and the reprise of Mike's retirement party coverage in Santa Monica (January 2002).

Portland Friends' Comments
There is an excellent thread posted on Dan Packard's site. Choose the "PORTLAND RADIO" section, find the "Mike Phillips" thread and enjoy some extraordinary memories from folks like Bruce Murdock, Craig Walker, Robin Mitchell and many more.

Robin Mitchell's Tribute Site
(KISN Years)

Robin's "" site has excellent retraces of Mike's work at KISN, as well as many historic perspectives that put radio in content at the start of Mike (and Tom's) career in the Rose City.

John Porcaro's WWDJ Site
Mike's Photo Page

Mike spent a couple years in the New York market (where he overlapped with Bwana Johnny), blasting the hits from WWDJ. Check out John Porcaro's tribute to the station, and a special collection of Mike's pictures. Note that addition of facial and other hair is NOT a CSI reconstruction -- authentic from that era!

Just for fun...
Various memorabilia, notes, emails, etc. originating from Mike.

Tom Murphy and Mike (2005)

Steve West and Mike (Oct. 2005)

(Tripod at right was Mike's new investment in digital video capture, production and editing -- recent passion of Mike's. His first project was to produce the "Memory DVD" from the Jerry Kaye wake).

Mike instigates an AFTRA "Lawsuit" against Pat,
with help of Jerry Kaye and Tom Murphy

Click on thumbnail to view letter

NOTE: Efforts to secure audio of Mike's work as well as a tribute from KRTH-FM to Mike as underway. Some effort involved with finding and pulling the material from various libraries, and some effort involved with securing permission to repost.

Until then, for those who subscribe there are several airchecks of Mike on the online museum site. If you don't subscribe, a modest donation will get you in ... and will help Ricky Irwin continue his efforts to keep that site afloat. It is perhaps the most outstanding tribute to the collective works of our "brothers and sisters in broadcasting" that exists anywhere! Includes California Aircheck composite, mid-1970's KGW, and others.


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