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S-T-D leads to S-T-O-P
Romance is wonderful Ė unless it leads to a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately, S-T-D's are really common in todayís society, in large part because they can have no symptoms. Dr. Patricia Rodrigues at Meridian Womenís Health says itís important to be tested for S-T-Ds, since most of them have no symptoms:
You need to be tested and then treated, because you could spread these things. Also, they can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, and that, left untreated, can kill you, despite 21st century medicine. Even if you donít have that severe an infection, leaving an STD untreated can result in chronic pain and infertility. On the other hand, early detection and treatment can make you healthy again Ė and maybe just a little bit wiser. Go ahead Ė talk it over with your doctor.

Congrats! You're going to have ... an appointment!
Everybody knows where babies come from, but thereís a lot more to it if youíre the mommy. For one thing, once you think youíre expecting, itís time to check in with your doctor. Dr. Patricia Rodrigues says once your pregnancy is confirmed, your physician will want to schedule a few more appointments, to follow the progress of your pregnancy until the birth:
The initial prenatal visit will include a physical, a full health history, and maybe some lab work. That early in a pregnancy, we want to try to spot those women who are at risk of a miscarriage. Most healthy women will have normal pregnancies Ė but there can still be problems that may threaten the mother or baby. Prenatal care is to make sure that everything goes the way it should, from the first few weeks all the way up to a successful birth!

Nose jobs are NOT Part-Time!
Noses come in all shapes and sizes, and a lot of people at least think about changing how theirs look. But itís not just a matter of appearance! Dr. Dan Downey at Downey Plastic Surgery says you need to think about how your nose is working for you, too:
Iím careful to discuss with the patient all the reasons she may have for wanting to change her appearance. It may be that itís difficult to breath through the nose, and we may be able to resolve that problem as we make other changes in the external look of the nose. Another big consideration is whether your face is fully grown Ė believe it or not, some people grow into those noses that seem so big when weíre teenagers. If you decide you do want a different nose, though, think about just how you expect your life to change if you change your appearance, and talk it over with your surgeon.

HPV: A No-Brainer for Young Women
For the first time, itís possible to get an inoculation against cancer. It helps prevent infections by HPV, the virus associated with cervical cancer later in life. Since the vaccine needs to be given to women BEFORE they have any chance of being exposed to the virus through sexual intercourse, itís become controversial to some people.

Dr. Patricia Rodrigues at Meridian Womenís Health says all women ages 9 to 26 should have the vaccine:
Itís a no-brainer: my daughter will get this vaccine when she turns 12 years old. The vaccine is not a live virus, so it canít give you HPV, and it could protect her from cervical cancer Ė something that nothing else can do right now. The vaccine can be given to older women as well, depending on their personal histories. If youíre concerned about preventing cervical cancer, talk it over with your healthcare practitioner.

Even if Insurance says NO ... You should say YES
In just this past year, itís become possible to protect young women from a viral infection associated with about 70 percent of the cervical cancers in the United States. Generally speaking, the vaccine is given to women 26 years of age and younger.

Dr. Patricia Rodrigues says some older women may qualify for the vaccine as well:
A woman who is a virgin or has had only one lover, but is facing a divorce or other change in her life may want to protect herself from the virus that causes cervical cancer. Insurance coverage for the vaccine varies. Compared to the cost of analyzing even one abnormal pap smear, itís cost-effective, and a lot cheaper than treating a cancer that kills almost four thousand women a year in the United States.

Inflamation can make you Flaming .... Tired
You woke up in the middle of the night, with your knee, wrist or hand hurting, swollen and red. Then, when you got up this morning, you couldnít even begin your usual morning routine because of the pain. Dr. Julie Carkin from The Seattle Arthritis Clinic at Northwest Hospital says you may be showing the first symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis:
Itís important to have rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed and treated early. The good news is that with specific treatment Ė not just aspirin Ė you stand a good chance of controlling rheumatoid arthritis and preventing joint damage.

The inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis can signal damage to your joints, so see your doctor as soon as possible. Letting arthritis go untreated can put a real cramp in your dance through life!


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